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If you earn money by putting words on the internet, we want to help you publish your best work every time.

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Bespoke support for your...



Create an enduring information product that generates revenue for years.



Deliver consistent quality to your ever-growing readership.



Publish compelling evergreen content that keeps readers coming back.

Why hire an editor?

The secret behind every writer, creator, artist, and influencer who makes it big: great help behind the scenes.

We do more than fix commas (but we'll catch those, too). We would be thrilled to partner with you throughout your creative process. Or, you can mix and match services as your project needs.

Contact us for help with:


  • Relocate your ideas from your head to the page
  • Determine the scope and structure of your project
  • Research your target audience


  • Provide accountability in the writing process
  • Discuss difficult sections and address writer's block
  • Learn your voice and grow with your style

Developmental Editing

  • Improve organization, focus, and clarity
  • Engage beta readers in your domain
  • Discuss and refine product and packaging


  • Target feedback to address recurring issues
  • Meet you where you are and help your writing improve
  • Check facts and format citations


  • (This is the part where we fix the commas)

Formatting and Publishing

  • Format your work as a PDF, EPUB, MOBI, or any other combination of capital letters
  • Assist with your landing page and marketing materials
  • Shout your accomplishments from the rooftops

Why PK&C?

Work with the first author services agency built for the creator economy, not major publishers.

Get better quality than wading through freelancer forums without the expense of a full-time employee.

We offer:

  • A dedicated editor supported by the full team
  • Workflows that mesh with your creative process
  • Domain familiarity and fluency in creator economy terms

Working with us on a one-off basis brings effective support to your most pressing project, but the true magic of great editorial assistance comes from a professional relationship built over time. We grow along with you as your creative needs develop.

Philip Kiely

Philip is the author of Writing for Software Developers and Cold Email for Interesting People. The former head of marketing at Gumroad, he is a graduate of Grinnell College with an honors degree in computer science.

Robin Bourjaily

Robin has over 30 years of experience working with writers in educational and editorial settings. She holds an MFA in creative nonfiction from the University of Iowa. She has authored two novels and edited both of Philip's books.

Student Interns

Some places hide the role of students on their staff. We take pride in providing unique, paid educational experiences for exceptionally talented students from Grinnell College. Don't worry, we review all intern work before you see it.

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